• How often do you use the Internet and various gadgets today? The answer is every single day. It is true that nowadays we just cannot do without such innovations. They have already become an integral part of everyone’s routine. It is impossible to deny the fact that we live in a period of total world digitization. Literally, everything goes online and it no longer surprises us. Modern technologies make our life much easier and help to solve certain problems faster. That is why for everyone it is necessary to be aware of useful web-based tools and understand how to work with them properly. take a screenshot how to take a screenshot on laptop

Share information in a few clicks

  • Whether it is a working or an educational process, from time to time you need to share a piece of information with your colleagues or friends. Do you know how to do that easily and very quickly? Just make screenshots and send them. Well, now let us figure out how to take a screenshot in a moment and then share it. See our other functions screenshot
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What tool to choose?

  • We know you do not want to waste time capturing the whole screen, copying and pasting it then, editing, saving, and finally sending a picture. It takes too long if you are in a hurry. You want to take an instant screenshot and share it immediately! For this, install the Fintest Pro extension. This will be your best solution. We did our best to build the most convenient service for taking a screenshot. You do not need to create a personal account in order to work with this extension. There are also some paid functions, but for a common user, it is enough to make use of the free version. This extension is perfect for everyone. To capture the screen how to screenshot on hp laptop

What you can do with this tool

  • Our extension allows capturing the whole screen or taking a screenshot of a selected area only. You are able to edit an image, save it to your device, or share it in a matter of seconds. It cannot be easier! Users read here macbook screenshot